Due to your off the charts (!) readership, we’ve made the move on over to to our own site — we’re no longer redirecting to our Tumblr, so make sure you have the right link: http://mymomisafob.com

Serena busted ass on the new site, so we hope you like it! Teresa also… stayed up late with her for moral support. Read our About/FAQ pages, and go crazy with them ratings, which we installed just for you, commenter Ching.

Please update your RSS feeds!

(DJ Mustard mixin’ new beats in the house.)


Very sorry for the missing posts — we’re moving! (Or should I say… 搬家? Ha. ha. ha.) Stuff will be back soon. Please go away for like, 25 minutes. Make that 45. :(



I’m sorry, I totally lied. It might be a little longer… please be patient!